Friday, February 24, 2017

Winner's Circle Publishing *Music Conference*

Attending the WCP conference will not only give you the opportunity to sit down with A&Rs, network with others in the industry, and watch the showcase performances, the conference is also dedicated to informing and enlightening you about the tools needed TODAY to make your mark in this highly competitive field. 
REGISTRATION FOR PRIVATE MEETING WITH A&R at conference :This provides attendees an opportunity to meet with an A&R from Winners Circle Publishing. The 15- 20 minute session will be a mix of career advice and/or song critiques depending on what you'd like to cover. Bring laptop with music to discuss.
 REGISTRATION FOR PRODUCER : Bring (3) one minute snippets of your beats on THUMB DRIVE OR LAPTOP that you want to shop to major labels, songwriters,publishers, or artist.Beat can be original or sampled. 
 REGISTRATION FOR ARTIST: Participants will perform live in-front of a&r. Participants are given the opportunity to not only perform their music, but also receive personalized feedback about their music from each panelist in attendance. Performing in front of the panel and having one's music heard by leading music executives is a rare opportunity. 
You also will be able to attend the Q&A segment and learn the pros and cons of the business.
 GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET : attend all events The conference also has a panel discussion component where industry experts will discus the ends and outs of the music industry and ways budding artists and producers can gain a foot into the business. 
Participants will be able to participate in a Q&A session discussing topics such as: Album or Single Are consumers still purchasing albums?  How do I push out a single? 
 How does this affect the art of the music business?  Licensing & Publishing Deals Why is licensing music so important?  What is the big deal about a publishing deal?  
How can I get a publishing deal?  Is there an appropriate time for an artist/producer/songwriter to do a licensing or publishing deal?  Which are you?  Producer or beat maker? 
Producers and Writers share their creative process in creating top-charing hits.
 Handling Business How to copyright your music How to register for ASCAP,BMI, or SEASAC How register your music with Soundscan and mediabase
 How to track Youtube sales Why it's important to handle your business affairs Saturday,

Date: March 11, 2017 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (EST) Winners Circle Studios 2699 Johnson Road Atlanta, GA 30346

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